Getting A Gig

If you’re looking for a gig you’re in the right place. Please read on, this page has all the information you need.
But first a little bit about us. As you may know the Puzzle Hall Inn is a community run pub, officially we are set up as a Community Benefit Society. As such we have certain values. If your act is racist, homophobic, misogynistic or you think Adolf Hitler was a top geezer you are not welcome here.
Apart from that we’re a pretty broad minded bunch. Though known as a music venue we’re up for anything that will bring people into the pub so don’t be shy. When it comes to music we are looking for performers who play original material. Playing a few covers is absolutely fine too, however if you’re a tribute act or function band, we wish you well but you’re not for us. Unless it’s a special occasion like PuzzFest, gigs will generally be two 45 minute sets.
If you’ve got this far and still want a gig your first port of call is to make contact with our Events team. Drop them an email at introducing yourself. If we don’t know you we’ll expect you to provide links to YouTube, Facebook etc. so we can see what you’re about and how best to fit you in. We try to reply reasonably promptly but we have day jobs too, so don’t get upset if you haven’t heard anything for a week or two.

You’ve got a gig, what now?
We will need you to provide us with materials so we can promote the gig, we’ll send you a copy of the finished poster so you can use it on whatever media channels you use.
What we need from you:

Brief blurb about the act (max 150 words)
Links to website/social media/Bandcamp etc.
High resolution image (max 3)
Any logos or special fonts

The booking form which you can download below will help you with this.

The Puzzle Hall has it’s own pa system and we will provide a sound engineer for the gig. We are able to accommodate most performers’ pa system needs, but so we don’t get any surprises and to allow us to prepare, we ask all performers to complete a tech spec of their pa requirements. A blank tech spec form is available to download at the bottom of the page. It’s fairly self explanatory and uncomplicated so please fill it in and return it to us before your gig. If we foresee any difficulties with your pa set up we will get in touch to discuss them.

On the day of your gig please don’t arrive massively early. We’re only a small pub and we don’t want it full of band gear while our punters are trying to enjoy a pint. Experience shows us that arriving an hour prior to gigging time is usually fine, that’s when the sound engineer will probably arrive too.