Date: Saturday, 27 April 2024
Time: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Huddersfield’s indie-folk band Fishing4Compliments have been bringing their quirky,
uplifting sounds to an array of live music venues, pubs and festivals across the North of England and beyond for over a decade. The band has been described as specialising in catchy, hook-laden folk/pop songs and audiences have referred to performances as ‘making you feel like dancing in the moonlight’ and ‘taking you away from everyday life.’ Their sound has emerged through; combining their eclectic mix of influences to create something they like to call their own. They are united in a shared enthusiasm for developing singer-songwriter Eileen’s songs with lyrics that have been spoken of as; ‘intriguing,’ ‘enigmatic,’
‘intuitive’ and ‘poignant. They released their debut album ‘Off The Isle Of Somewhere’ in April 2020 which has been described as: “Bright and breezy and at times utterly irresistible’ and “Eleven tracks of upbeat and optimistic folk-pop” (Dave Beech, RGM Magazine) and are currently in the process of releasing their second album as a record of their journey to their with the songs.

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